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Harriet Rose Calligraphy & Design

Client Testimonials

"Thanks again for the beautiful job you did on our invitations. You are so gifted and your calligraphy adds the perfect extra touch of elegance we were looking for. Working with you has been such a seamless and wonderful experience, we look forward to working with you in the future for all our family milestone events. Our family, especially little Sophie, will treasure these invitations always."
Diana Gardere

"I just wanted to let you know that the reaction to Alexandra's Bat Mitzvah invitation/envelope has been incredible! So many people have commented on the beauty of the calligraphy. It truly elevated the invitation to a work of art. Thank you for having a hand (literally!) in adding to the excitement of this very special occasion."
Natalie Green Giles

"Just wanted to tell you what a beautiful job you did. The calligraphy made the invite and all my guests are raving about them! I will be sure to pass your info along. I am a happy bride! :) Thanks again! Diana Tobon

"We want to thank you for a wonderful Calligraphy lesson experience yesterday. Your patience, skill as a teacher & calligrapher, and positive feedback were so appreciated! I'm excited to get practicing and I feel like I've found a great new endeavor. ?We will plan to see you again in a couple of months to have you assess the progress we make."
Joan and Kate

"The Cartier Chinese Gift Certificates look GREAT! Thank you so much!! I proofed every one and they are all perfect. Again, we are extremely grateful for the high quality result, the outstanding service and for your professional demeanor. You obviously really really care and take pride in your work. There are so few people and companies that do these days. We are all impressed. Again, thank you."
Mark Dexter of Image Systems, Inc.

"Thank you for your beautiful Spencerian Calligraphy for our wedding invitations! Your work was absolutely beautiful and each envelope so special, and the copper font color matched with our invitation perfectly. We get emails and calls every day telling us how gorgeous the calligraphy is on their invitation and how the font is so elegant, so unique, and so pretty. The calligraphy really made the invitation so special and set the tone for an elegant affair. Working with you was so easy -- thank you for being so flexible with the tight turnaround and thank you for all your beautiful work. Looking forward to working together for the table cards and all the accessories for the wedding!"
Brooke L.

"We assembled all the invitations for mailing today and they are absolutely STUNNING. We could not be happier and I was literally jumping for joy at one point--I was so thrilled at how beautifully the envelopes came out. The calligraphy was the perfect complement to the overall design and so lovely. They are completely gorgeous and I can't thank you enough for everything!!"
Alison Cooney

"The calligraphy is absolutely beautiful and the envelopes are really going?to set the tone for the elegant wedding we are planning. We were stunned by each envelope's perfection; I cannot wait to send them out. Thank you so much for your careful and wonderful work with these. "
Kathryn Antony

"I have had both my daughters' wedding calligraphy done by Harriet - from the invitation envelopes to the menus & escort cards...? everything came out amazing! I have recommended her to friends of mine and they have been equally satisfied.? Her professionalism, "on time" return of items ordered, (especially with all the other things that go into planning a wedding!) made it an overall wonderful experience for me and my daughters.? I would highly recommend Rose and her?beautiful calligraphy."
Toni Zinzi

"Noam just got home with the envelopes and they look fantastic! Thank you so much for working with our wonky ideas.
We could not be happier with your work and are thrilled with the result of the Miro Calligraphy style!"

"Thanks for all the work you did on my wedding, your escort envelopes and place cards were simply lovely and added just the right touch of elegance to our evening.
I would also be remiss if I didn't say how much I appreciate your patience during all the planning, it made all the difference to work with someone who was equally as calm and organized as they were talented. Many thanks once again, I look forward to our next event!"
Calli McCaw

"Thank you SO much for doing such an incredible job on our wedding invitations. Our family and friends kept calling to tell us how beautiful the calligraphy was! Even at the post office when I was hand canceling them, people on line kept stopping to compliment the beautiful writing on the envelopes! They really turned out so well and we can’t thank you enough! Not only are you so talented, but you are a true pleasure to work with! Thank you!" Jill Scott

"Thank you so much for the lovely calligraphy you and Will created for my wedding. The compliments I have received on the invitations have been overwhelming. Your work truly brings that 'touch of class' to the event. It was great meeting you!"
Christina Schneider

"We have sent all the invites and the overwhelming response has been very, very positive on the envelopes. 'Classy, tasteful, and elegant' were just a few of the words used to describe them. Thank you again for such lovely work!"
Douglas Rankin

"You did an amazing job for us - our invitations, place cards, and table cards were elegant and perfect.  And the poem that you did for our gift to Sarah's parents was just incredible.  Here's the link -- it hangs prominently in their house today, and is a constant reminder of how skilled you truly are.  Thank you again for everything."
Eric & Sarah Kimmel

"The AD is simply beautiful! It is difficult to get a clear vision when sent through the email but in person, you can see all the wonderful details. As I have said previously, your work is breathtaking and your suggestions for enhancements just makes the piece come to life. Thank you so much, Harriet. I can hardly wait to have reproductions made for marketing and to pass them out to people.....and watch their reaction!"
Dottie Burdine of La Papeterie - San Mateo, California - 9/17/07

"Judy and I are very pleased with the "IF" poem. Your talent is amazing and we hope that more calligraphy comes our way so that we can share the business with you. Thanks again and much appreciated."
Frank Biassi of Medallionretail

"Harriet, Thank you so much for the eloquent invitations. The hand-painted roses were remarkable, and really helped set the tone for our evening wedding. I never expected to receive so many comments on the invitations alone. We even had guests call in their RSVP so they didn't have to give up any part of the invite. Your work is unique and stunning, and it was a pleasure working with you!"
Malorie Maddox - Omaha, Nebraska

"Working with Rose Calligraphy was a wonderful experience. She & her associate William really listened to us and were able to accomodate our many requests and provided helpful advice. The invitation they created for our wedding evoked exactly the right tone. Her firm's calligraphy work is beautiful and she delivered everything within schedule and is a real professional."
Ben C. and Jiwon L.

"I wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with the invitations. You managed to execute my dream wedding invite design as they turned out exactly the way I wanted. You and your staff are such talents, in fact many people at the wedding asked me who had done the exquisite invitations and I gushed about how lucky I was to have found you! Thanx again for your artistry, attention to detail and true professionalism."
Annie Cheney

"The cards are absolutely beautiful! The diagonal design was definitely a good idea, and I just love the monogram with the table numbers written out - you are truly talented. I look forward to the next occasion for calligraphy, and will certainly pass your name and the highest recommendation on to any of my soon-to-be-wed friends!"
Erin & Daniel

"The designs you've done for our large table name cards have surpassed our expectations. The elegance and personal-hand of the calligraphy is going to add so much to our special day. Thank you!"
Elisha Santos

"You should have seen the reception we gave your envelopes last night! Josh and I were so amazed at your work that we stared at the envelopes all evening. Your work was in fact so good, that we would like to commission you to do our place cards. We weren't initially going to do them but your work is so wonderful we want to continue sharing it w/ our guests."
Federica Bisone

"I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on our wedding calligraphy. My husband did not see the need for getting our place cards done in calligraphy, but as soon as he saw them all lined up and looking so lovely at our wedding he immediately told me that he now understands why I wanted it! Our place cards and table cards looked amazing and really added to the ambiance of our wedding day!"
Danielle Maiorano

"I am speechless! Thank you so much for capturing the essence of our business with your breathtaking logo. Your calligraphy exhudes luxury and gives us the perfect start to our new enterprise!"
Melissa Muse Wiggans of San Antonio, Texas

"I cannot tell you how many compliments I have been receiving on the wedding invitations. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much! We appreciate all the work you did for us. Everyone has been saying how perfect they look, how classy. Thank you for sending us one with both of our names, it will be such a nice keepsake. Matthew and I haven't opened ours as we don't want to ruin the envelope!"
Marianne Morelli (bride)

"We are just thrilled with Marianne and Matt's wedding sets! I knew they were going to be beautiful, but when I opened the box they were more beautiful than I expected. Thank you so much. I am already wishing for another occasion when I will be able to ask you to do the calligraphy!"
Rita Morelli (mother of the bride)

"First of all , let me tell you how utterly magnificent the invitations are. I LOVE them!!!
They are far nicer than I could have imagined. Thank you, Thank you...."
Marsha Kleinberg (mother of the bride)

"I gave the poem to my friends last night and they LOVED it! What a huge hit! Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication to turning out such a finely crafted product. I know that you took great care to make this live up to my expectations - and I must say, the final product surpassed them!"
Courtney Intersimone

"Your work is beautiful and your manner very professional. It's been a pleasure working with you. If you would ever like to use me as a reference (and you probably have so many at this point that you don't need me), I would be happy to do so."
Kathryn Turner

"You are EXCELLENT, organized and ... a pleasure to work with!
If you ever need a reference, please have the potential client call me!!
I'll give you a superb recommendation."
Nancy Mishkin

"We sent out our invites and have been receiving countless phone calls from friends and family raving about the wedding invitation--specifically the wonderful spencerian script!
Even David's designer friends used the adjectives "exquisite" and "gorgeous" to describe it. Many thanks to you and your special talent for making that happen!"
Jennie Bingham

"On behalf of Britney Spears & Elizabeth Arden, thank you so much for all that you contributed to the June 10th event! The day would not have been as successful without your hard work & talent. It was a pleasure working with you and we hope there will be other opportunities to collaborate in the future."
Mary Friberg of Coburn Communication

"Thank you so much for everything - the Ketubah is awesome - you totally exceeded our expectations."
Doug Corpueld

"I got the images and they are beautiful! I couldn't have even imagined them to look this good. Thank you again for your time and dedication in such a rushed situation."
Karen Pfaff of BC-P Advertising Agency ­

"First, I have to say that the envelopes look GORGEOUS!! I am so happy that I decided to hire a true professional to do the job. I truly believe that an invitation sets the tone of the wedding (or any special event for that matter)---and the invitation starts with the envelope. The calligraphy is absolutely beautiful and elegant and the work is exceptionally stunning---but not pretentious! I'm thrilled with everything, THANK YOU for also lightening my workload!"
Lisa Santangelo

"IT ARRIVED! Wow, it is even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! How incredible! I am so lucky that you were able to create the most beautiful artwork for my invitations!"
Melissa Muse - San Antonio, Texas

"The cards were perfect. People couldn't believe that they were actually done by hand. The events were a success and I'm very happy now that they're over!! Thanks again for being so flexible with our needs. I look forward to doing business with you in the future."
Noah Rosenblatt of Steve Gold, Inc.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful calligraphy. I just picked up the envelopes for my son's Bar Mitzvah and they are gorgeous - they actually surpassed my expectations, and that's saying a lot. You were such a pleasure to work with as well! I look foward to working with you on the escort cards and know that they will add just the perfect touch of elegance to the occasion. So glad that I found you, and I will most certainly use your services for the next Bar Mitzvah as well!"
Sharon L. - Ridgewood, New Jersey

"I just want to thank you for the great job you did on our invitations. They turned out more beautiful than I ever imagined! I looked all over San Francisco for someone who could do Spencerian calligraphy. When I found you, I was a little hesitant because we couldn't meet in person since you live in New York. You have been such a delight to work with. I have been especially impressed with your level of professionalism. I can hardly believe we coordinated the whole job via e-mail! When I went to pick up my invitations at Papyrus, they asked me if they could keep a copy on file to show other customers as they also loved your work. Don't be surprised if you start getting referrals from San Francisco!"
Patricia Saguier - San Francisco, California

"I am very, very happy with the outcome of the invitations. We have had several people tell us they are the most beautiful invitations they have ever seen :) "
Ali Villagra & Luis Restrepo

"I LOVE the way the announcements look!!!!!!! I'm thrilled.
Let me tell you how absolutely beautiful your work is. I actually took a photo and video taped a few of the addressed envelopes. I'm so impressed that I wish I can keep one for myself!
All I can say is WOW!"
Jill Katz

"You have been a joy to work with. I was a little intimidated by the whole task of getting the invitations done since I am completely inexperienced with this sort of stuff, but you made it easy and on top of that you went out of your way to take care of us. Thank you a million times over. You are an angel."
Chad Hodge from Georgia

"How wonderful to find someone who not only is a talented artist, but hears and understands the needs of a particular bride or event, and uses her artistry to enhance and complement uniquely the occasion."
Alice...event planner

"I just can't get over how beautiful the envelopes are, it's the prettiest calligraphy I have ever seen -- really! When I left your apt. I called my mom to tell her how amazed I am by the place and escort cards! I am sure we will have a chance to work together again in the future. The calligraphy has all been amazing and you have been great to work with, thank you!"
Courtnay Pardue

"The Scroll was SO BEAUTIFUL - THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hard work and artistic flair. Everyone loved it! We tied it with beautiful ribbons in the colors of Gilda's Club and Marie Curie Cancer Care."
Aimee Massaro of JFM Number 2 Productions

"The envelopes are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You actually surpassed my expectations, which is pretty hard to do. I'm honestly thrilled."
Shirine Coburn

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous items that you provided for my wedding. I cannot wait for another chance to hire you, perhaps through my job as an event planner or for future occasions."
Patrice Riordan McCann

"We have received compliment after compliment on your exquisite work (and our wedding coordinator wants you to move to Chicago!) We just can't thank you enough."
Annie McShane & Justin Reeder

"I cannot begin to thank you for your beautiful work & professionalism.The invitations have gone out and I am getting call after call from friends who were overwhelmed by the beauty of your work. Some naturally couldn't believe someone could do that by hand and one said you should have drafted the Declaration of Independence! I am looking forward to working with you on the menu & placecards."
Jane O'Neil

"Perhaps I'm biased because they are my wedding invitations, but I think that your calligraphy is the nicest that I've ever seen. I hope that my guests appreciate it as much as I do. Again, I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job."
Marla Wimmer

"I can't tell you how many compliments I have received and believe me it's not the paper, it is your incredibly talented work. If I ever have anything else important such as baby announcements to be done, I would love to be able to ask you to design an invitation again. I will indeed pass your name on to people who need a calligrapher."
Katia Almeida

"The invitations were the nicest I've ever seen, and the place cards were out of this world! The walnut ink really made it special. As soon as I saw the table of place cards, my mouth dropped it was so exquisite. Thank you for everything again."
Monica Cohen

"Your work has gotten a tremendous positive response, Thank you!"
Dan Gorczycki

"I received the Thank You cards this morning?THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL! Thank you again for all your help and patience and for your special pricing. You are so good to us. We truly appreciate your time, effort and generosity."
Maria Caruso

"The poem arrived today and is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You're a real artist and truly talented, and I thank you for all your care and effort."
Kathy Kafer

"Thank you so much for your hard, very fast work. The client loved it! They were wonderful and perfect for our event."
Victoria Verity of McNabb-Roick Events

"Everyone LOVED the invitations and I think you will probably be hired by some of my single friends who are soon to be engaged. They really looked beautiful, and you are truly talented!"
Jennifer Jones

"I got the painted table cards this morning?they are BEAUTIFUL!! I was in awe when I saw them. Thank you so much for the extra flowers on the cards-that was very nice of you. I can't wait for everyone to see them! I will certainly recommend you to other friends who are getting married in the near future."
Tracy Sarkees

"When I took my first look at my wedding envelopes, I was beyond pleased. The workmanship and beauty of your calligraphy surpassed my expectations! I carefully studied each envelope, noting how the calligraphy was consistently uniform and very, very professional looking. I am so thrilled that the first impression my guests will have of my wedding will be the calligraphy that clearly reflects how truly special it will be. Thanks again for doing such a lovely job."
Thembe Dube

"Thank you so much, the invitations look so beautiful!!! My fianc?e couldn't believe that you did that by hand. They really look great."
Erin Shaw

"We brought over the escort cards to the hotel yesterday evening. The catering manager was so impressed with the quality of your work, and couldn't believe they were all done by hand. Didn't I mention that the comments I got in regard to the invitations were the same?"
Greg Lattanzio

"Thank you so much for all of your work on my daughter's wedding and for putting up with our last minute things. The table numbers that you did provided just the most perfect finishing touch. When I saw all of your fabulous name cards arranged among the rose petals on the reception table, I didn't want anyone taking them. They were just beautiful."
Patsy Kahn

"The envelopes are absolutely beautiful-your work is amazing and I was so pleased with how they turned out!"
Stephanie Sage


Partial Client List

Bauman Rare Books

BC-P Advertising

Beaute Prestige International, USA

Brides Magazine

Brothers By Choice, LLC



Coburn Communications

Columbia University

De Beers

Dejana Solutions


Dolce & Gabbana

Edelman Public Relations

Elizabeth Arden

ESCADA the Americas

Fordham University

General Theological Seminary

Gilda’s Club


Hearst Publications

HL Group, LLC

Hennessy Mo?t USA

Herm?s of Paris

JFM Number 2 Productions

Kelly Rippa


Louis Vuitton

Martha Stewart Weddings

McNabb-Roick Events



Mount Sinai

New York Law School

The New York Yankees

Nike Communications

NY County Democratic Committee

Peninsula Hotel

Ralph Lauren


Siren Public Relations

Steve Gold, Inc.

Tommy Hilfiger

U.S. Banker/Source Media


Vanity Fair

Vera Wang

World 50


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